Whether it is a new equipment or a remodel project, proper installation is critical to an efficient, effective refrigeration or HVAC system. Even the best equipment cannot perform to specifications unless it is installed by a technically experienced team with proven project management experience and robust processes. With over 13 years of  HVAC construction experience, our technical expertise and project management processes ensure that every system is constructed on time, per specifications, and is operating at peak performance from the start.

Our exclusive Right Start™ start-up program further protects your investment by optimizing performance during initial start-up which can result in fewer call-backs and less maintenance during operation. Our Total Cost of Ownership approach ensures not only a lower cost of installation, but also a lower cost of operation throughout the system’s life cycle.

Our Installation Service Offerings include:

  • New installation of refrigeration and HVAC equipment’s such as Air conditioning, water or air cooled chillers of various sizes and brands and boilers etc.
  • Re- modeling of HVAC systems.
  • Commissioning of new HVAC installations.
  • Copper piping and fittings network.
  • New construction and installation of cold storage facilities.
  • Central air conditioning duct construction and installation.
  • Lagging and cladding works.
  • Electrical and mechanicals installation.
  • Coper tracing and brazing works.